Useful information (blog) about Sri Lanka

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Sigiria is a volcanic plateau located in central Sri Lanka. The plateau is protected by UNESCO because on its summit are the ruins of an old castle A bit
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The official religion of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In recent years this country has gained immense popularity for travelers. And no wonder,
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The black gold of Sri Lanka

Everyone has known for a long time, Ceylon tea is one of the most delicious, flavourful teas. Who among us did not drink Princess Noori, Princess Kandy and many
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City of Kandy. All about the ancient and beautiful city of Sri Lanka

Kandy… How many times have we heard and seen this name on yellow tea packaging? But today’s article isn’t about tea, it’s about the majestic and ancient city of
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Sri Lanka’s capitals: myth or truth that the state has two capitals?

Sri Lanka holds many secrets and mysteries in its history and traditions. But one fact that still amazes people is that Sri Lanka has two official capitals. The first
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The Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya is a true work of art, most of which was created by nature itself and man has only touched and embellished nature’s creation.
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Can the rainy season in Sri Lanka spoil an island holiday?

Sri Lanka is an island country with a variable climate, as the ocean and the mountainous terrain influence the weather. The island is conventionally divided into three climate zones: 
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Elephants of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of tea, exotic fruits and elephants. Elephants are plentiful on the island and can be found near sacred sites, in parks and gardens. If
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sri lanka surfing season blog

Surfing season in Sri Lanka

In the past Sri Lanka was seen as a resort and exotic country with warm beaches, plenty of exotic fruits and an unusual cuisine, but this has changed with
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sri lankas cuisine blog

Sri Lanka’s cuisine. What do the locals eat and what do they surprise tourists with?

What kind of dishes and tastes do you associate with Sri Lanka? For me, for instance, sweet and sour and spicy. Sweet and sour come to mind because of
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