In the past Sri Lanka was seen as a resort and exotic country with warm beaches, plenty of exotic fruits and an unusual cuisine, but this has changed with the passage of time. Sri Lanka is now perceived and advised as one of the best countries to go surfing. Below we will examine the main reasons for this.

Sri Lanka is bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean which produces good waves for surfing. Apart from the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s growing popularity for surfers is also influenced by its mild climate, a stable temperature of over 28 degrees.

How to choose the best place for surfing in Sri Lanka?

I want to point out right away, you can surf almost anywhere along the coastline, but there is one weighty but – the choice of surf spot depends on the month when you are going to visit this island. 

You can almost always surf at Veligama, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and also Arugam Bay. These are the most popular regions among surfers. The infrastructure is well-developed, there are schools and you can rent the necessary equipment. One of the best surf schools in the area is located in Velighama, also the beach is perfectly sandy and has very few pitfalls. 

When it comes to Arugam Bay, it also appeals to surfers, but is best visited only during the summer months. The disadvantage of this resort is the long distance from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. You will spend about 8 hours by car. Not many surfers are prepared for this, as you have to drive under the scorching sun and not in a comfortable car. But on the plus side you get to experience the island in all its glory, with all its colour and traditions. 

Hikkaduwa Resort is the place for experienced surfers. This resort has a reef beach, but this provides more of an extreme and fun experience.

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When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka for surfing?

As we said above, Sri Lanka is open for surfing almost all year round, you just need to know which resort is best to visit during which period. Below, we’ll break down this topic in more detail. 

October to April season

This is the period when the surf season opens up on the west coast with resorts such as Hikkaduwa and Veligama. Please note, October is already the start of the rainy season. If you’ll be on the island during this period, you’ll have to adjust to the rains.

November is the season

This is when the surfing season comes into its own. Many schools start operating and surfers descend in droves. Waves begin to pick up, but there are also some shores with smaller waves, perfect for beginners. 

December Season

December is one of the most popular months for tourists and surfers. If you will be planning your trip, book your place at a surf school in advance, otherwise you may never enjoy surfing, as the demand is quite high. The waves in December are excellent and the weather is hot and stable with no rain. One thing to look out for is the price increase, triggered by the New Year holidays and the large number of tourists fleeing the cold winter. The season in January

The best time to go surfing in January is on the west coast. The most famous resorts on this coast are Matara and Hikkaduwa. These resorts offer high waves (average height is around 2 metres, but higher ones can be found). 

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February season

In February, you’ll be pleased with the weather for its stability. The sun usually shines bright and the waves are moderately high. The month is suitable for surfing, both for beginners and pros. Especially nice is the fact that you are in a warm country, when the whole of Europe is covered with snow and experiencing high frosts)

Surf season in March

If you’re going to surf in Sri Lanka in March, then you’ve got one road open to the southwest. It is in this area that the weather is consistently warm during this period, with no precipitation and no wind. There are high and medium wave days here. These shores are suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

Surfing season in April

April is the end of the surfing season. All surf schools, surf shops close, waves become unsuitable for surfing and nature halts in anticipation of the rainy season. 

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Surfing in Sri Lanka from May to September

For the most part, the May to September surfing season in Sri Lanka is out of season, with tropical rains and incredibly raging waves or no waves at all. But the most hardcore surfers can still be found on the island. They paddle from coast to coast for good weather and waves. Surfers are most often found on the north-eastern coast during the rainy season. Here, good weather and high waves are more common.

To summarise the article

Sri Lanka is an amazing country, colourful, succulent, delicious, colourful. Everyone can find the best holidays here and if you’re a surfer or want to start learning the sport, these shores are for you! As we’ve mentioned before, Sri Lanka is surfing hard, its waters are warm and the waves are mostly high, but even complete beginners will find a place to surf and have a lot of fun.  

If you’re still thinking about planning your surfing holiday to Sri Lanka, our advice to you is not to hesitate and book your flight and hotel as soon as possible.

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