Sri Lanka is an island country with a variable climate, as the ocean and the mountainous terrain influence the weather. The island is conventionally divided into three climate zones: 

  • The first zone is the southwest coast with a rainy season from April to October.
  • The second zone is the north-eastern coast where the rainy season lasts from October to April.
  • Zone three is the mountainous zone. The weather here is unpredictable.

If the only purpose of your visit to the island is swimming in the ocean, then you should plan your holiday according to the rainy season on the coast. But if you want to enjoy an island like Sri Lanka which is tropical in location away from the ocean, then any time is fine, but be prepared for some brief heavy rain showers. 

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Climate of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s climate is particularly influenced by the ocean. Due to the changes in the flow of water, the climate on the island is very unstable. The ocean brings downpours, tsunamis, storms which are often difficult to track as the weather can be warm and calm without a breeze during the first half of the day but within minutes a kilometre high wave can appear, washing everything in its path. 

Similarly, in heavy rainfall, it can be sunny and clear in the first half of the day, but the second half can be a complete turnaround. In a matter of minutes the sky darkens, the wind picks up and it starts raining heavily. The downpours are so heavy that they can flood towns and roads in 30 minutes. 

What Tourists Need to Know 

If you decide to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka you should understand that pictures of paradise islands, white sand, blue lagoon and beautiful palm trees are not the only side of the island. No doubt you’ll come across some picture-perfect beaches but most of them will be dirty, muddy, and smelly but that’s not the worst of it. You’ll always have to be on your guard for you could get hit by a tsunami.

Air and Ocean Temperature in Sri Lanka

The average annual temperature on the island is 30-32 degrees Celsius during the day and can drop to 14 degrees at night. The average annual water temperature is 27-29 degrees Celsius.

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When is the best time to plan a holiday in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka, for the most part, is good for holidays all year round. Winter is the peak season for holidays. The weather is steadily hot and there is hardly any rain. This period is good for both beach holidays and excursions. During this period, the prices for tours are steadily rising, the demand is quite high, so the trip and all the associated booking is better to plan in advance, preferably 6 months in advance.

Sri Lanka is beautiful in its own way in spring. The island is overflowing with color and shades of green. There are some heavy rains in spring but they are brief. And who wouldn’t want to get caught in a warm tropical downpour?

There are also many tourists in Sri Lanka during the summer, despite the rainy season. That’s because during the summer holidays there are a lot of festivals on the island. The festivals are a separate story and love. They are held with all the honours to the Gods, and preparations are made almost a year in advance (costumes, decorations for the actors, dancers and sacred animals). Once you see this large-scale spectacle, you’ll be impressed for years to come and not much else can eclipse these memories in beauty and flamboyance. 

Autumn in Sri Lanka is rainy, but the rains are not prolonged. Towards the end of the season (in November), the weather becomes more stable, warmer and drier. During this period there are more and more tourists on the island.

To sum up

Sri Lanka is made for holidays on its shores almost all year round. Everyone will find a place for their interests and for getting the most out of their holiday. Sri Lanka is good as a beach island, but also as a country where one can find many interesting sights and resorts within the island. The ocean coast is not inferior to the small villages in its beauty. The rainy season is good in its own way, as you can experience the changing weather in a matter of minutes if not on the islands. And the very fact of getting caught in a warm, pounding wall of rain, doesn’t it excite the mind and evoke the most pleasant feelings and emotions? 

If you ask us, Sri Lanka deserves every single person to visit its shores at least once. It is beautiful in all seasons and times!

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