What is interesting about Sri Lanka?

This tropical island country in the Indian Ocean has a lot to offer for anyone seeking adventure, culture, or just a relaxing vacation. One of the things that makes Sri Lanka interesting is its history. The country has a rich cultural heritage dating back to over 2,500 years ago. The ancient city of Anuradhapura, for example, was once a capital of Sri Lanka and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is full of magnificent temples, stupas, and ruins that provide a glimpse into the country’s fascinating past.

But Sri Lanka is not just about its history. The country is also home to stunning natural landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush jungles and misty highlands. You can take a safari in one of Sri Lanka’s national parks, such as Yala or Udawalawe, to see elephants, leopards, and other wildlife up close. Or, you can hike up to the top of Sigiriya Rock Fortress, an ancient palace built on a 660-foot tall rock, to see breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

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Sri Lanka Excursions: From Beaches to Sightseeing

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